Ideas with Wood

Professional carpentry expertise meets innovative wood design: The cutting boards, menus and cruets crafted by stylebyweil meet the highest demands of quality and aesthetics. Our restaurant accessories are always unique – and not simply because every product represents a one-off production. Become better acquainted with stylebyweil and our product range and discover a world of sophisticated, high-quality catering goods.

cutting boards mobile
Schriftzug Style hochkant
Schneidebrett mit Saftschublade Nahaufnahme
Nahaufnahme gestapelte Schneidebretter
Hände schneiden Petersilie auf Schneidebrett
Saftschublade schwarz einzeln

Cutting Boards

Ready for immediate use, our wooden cutting boards are sure to convince both amateur and professional chefs with their high quality and excellent craftsmanship. They are available in various sizes and types of wood and feature a drawer and a juice groove. With this fine product, you will have at your disposal a culinary workstation that leaves no desires unfulfilled.

clipboards mobile
Stimmung gedeckter Tisch im Restaurant
Nahaufnahme Speisekarte auf Klemmbrett
Gestapelte Klemmbretter in Wellenform
Schriftzug by hochkant
Klemmbrett Speisekarte auf dem Tisch


Elegant, understated yet nevertheless an absolute eye-catcher: Present your menus and wine lists in style with our handmade wooden clipboards, available in DIN A4 and various other formats. Whether as a dynamic waveboard or in lacquer or leather, the choice is yours.

cruets mobile
Schriftzug weil hochkant
Menage Altholz Eierbecher Nahaufnahme
Nahaufnahme schwebender Löffel
Nahaufnahme Menage aus Porzellan
Vogelperspektive Menage mit Zucker


With our handcrafted cruets, gourmets and restaurateurs have at their fingertips an excellent way of presenting olive oil, vinegar, pepper, salt, jams, chutneys and other condiments both stylishly and conveniently. All of our cruets are functional, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, very individual.

unbehandeltes Holz, Menagen in der Fertigung
Nahaufnahme Klemmbrett in Bearbeitung
Sven Weil im Gespräch
Nahaufnahme Hände Holz


When Sven Weil founded stylebyweil more than 10 years ago, his aim was to captivate his customers with visionary yet functional products crafted from finest wood. There was only one thing he really didn’t want, and that was to compromise. His demands of craftsmanship, material quality and aesthetics are the same now as they were when he started over a decade ago. At stylebyweil, only the best will do!